Kratom: A Growing Industry

Why is Kratom so Popular?

about kratomKratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, is a very popular plant, especially in countries like Thailand and Indonesia, but even in the west, kratom has somehow seeped into portions of the culture. But why is kratom so popular?

Kratom is popular for a many reasons, but most of all, its medicinal and euphoric effects. There are a variety of medicinal applications of kratom from use for opiate addicts, to pain relief and relief from depression, anxiety and it can even provide energy.

Kratom and Opiate Withdrawal

One of the biggest uses of kratom is for opiate withdrawal, and as a substitute for opiates. For this purpose, kratom has had a great effect. A large amount of addicts have been able to quit these dangerous drugs entirely thanks to kratom.

Pain Relief

The pain relief potential of kratom is second to only pharmaceuticals and opium. The reason this plant is so popular for this purpose is because of its safety in comparison to these drugs, all the while being very effective.

Euphoric Effects

Because of kratom’s alkaloids action at the mu opiod receptors, kratom does have some mild euphoric effects, though it is not nearly as addictive as pharmaceuticals or opium. Some have had great effect using this plant for conditions from depression to anxiety with good effects.

Because of this effects, kratom has become very popular and is regarded as highly safe in comparison to alternatives.

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