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Kratom for Pain Relief – My Story

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I wanted to share something today about my personal history with kratom. Kratom is a plant that I hold very close to my heart, in my pocket :). A bit ago, I dealt with a lot of pain and I tried almost everything from ibuprofen to tylenol to oxycodone. The ibuprofen and tylenol couldn’t hold a candle to the pain, and the oxycodone got me physically, not as much mentally, addicted very quickly.

I don’t know if you guys have ever experienced being addicted to something, or HAVING to have something or else you feel absolutely horrible, but it is not fun. Your entire well-being is based upon your doctor, your pharmacy and your health insurance. This dependency was one of the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced, as I’m someone who values self-reliance above almost anything else.

If you’re looking for a specific¬†guide on using kratom for pain relief, go to this article, as below is almost all a personal story.

How I Found Kratom

So in the middle of this addiction, I was layed off from my job at the time (self-employed now luckily) and my health insurance was dropped. There was no way in hell that I was going to pay such an excessive amount of money to get a medication that I didn’t even want to be on. The next day was awful, I was in the middle of bad withdrawals, I couldn’t sleep that night at all, I was sweating, shaking, puking, and other things I doubt would be too pleasant to discuss.

About this time, a good friend called me and I told him my situation, and he told me his son used a plant called kratom to get off of the bad substances he was once addicted to. At this time I did some research for about an hour and had 4 ounces over night shipped to my house in the hopes that it would help.

The Package Arrives

So this 4 ounce package arrives mid day the next day, luckily the vendor was on his game and got the package delivered almost immediately. I summon the strength to walk to the door and pick up the package, and I got this greenish brownish powder, with no idea how to use it or ingest it, so I decided to make tea. I wasn’t sure how much to take, but I remembered somebody saying they used 5 grams, so I took 6 and made a tea out of it.

Despite the difficulty with the taste and my excessive vomiting, I managed to get it all down including the remaining powder. Ten minutes later I could have cried I was so happy, despite the effects not having fully even kicked in. For the first time in months I felt like myself again, without the crutch of opiates and without the withdrawal symptoms of minutes before.

The rest of that day I was happier than I had been in months, and it wasn’t due to me being “high”, I just felt normal again. It gave me the pain relief that I needed without dulling my mind, I actually felt deep emotions like beauty and nostalgia, emotions that I had lost in my opiate haze.

Since that day, I have been using kratom for pain with great effects and I don’t have to worry about the emotion dulling effects or the severe dependency that I dealt with prior. Anyone who is in pain I feel should give this astonishing plant a try, you won’t regret it.

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