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So my current favorite low-quantity kratom vendor is down, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions? I’ve been looking online and I definitely have a few good sources for bulk kratom, but right now I’m looking for some high-quality, pricier if it has to be, vendors.

I’ve tried a few vendors, at the moment my current small-scale vendor is mmmspeciosa, but I’ve bought from EnsoBotanicals too and they are pretty damn good too. I’ve been looking at the leaping leaf but I’m not sure about them as I haven’t seen to many quality reviews.

It would be good to find a new, relatively less known and top-shelf kratom vendor, but specifically I want to find a new high quality thai kratom strain, similar to “Old School Thai” from a year back, which was definitely reminiscent of the 2010-2011 era of super potent kratom.

The main reason I like this Thai is because of my demanding job (I use it as a caffeine substitute) and when dosed properly, a good thai can kick my butt up and down. I might sweat a lot, but I can get so much more work done.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say about vendors, feel free to email me or post a comment.

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