Kratom: A Growing Industry

Why is Kratom so Popular?

about kratomKratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, is a very popular plant, especially in countries like Thailand and Indonesia, but even in the west, kratom has somehow seeped into portions of the culture. But why is kratom so popular?

Kratom is popular for a many reasons, but most of all, its medicinal and euphoric effects. There are a variety of medicinal applications of kratom from use for opiate addicts, to pain relief and relief from depression, anxiety and it can even provide energy.

Kratom and Opiate Withdrawal

One of the biggest uses of kratom is for opiate withdrawal, and as a substitute for opiates. For this purpose, kratom has had a great effect. A large amount of addicts have been able to quit these dangerous drugs entirely thanks to kratom.

Pain Relief

The pain relief potential of kratom is second to only pharmaceuticals and opium. The reason this plant is so popular for this purpose is because of its safety in comparison to these drugs, all the while being very effective.

Euphoric Effects

Because of kratom’s alkaloids action at the mu opiod receptors, kratom does have some mild euphoric effects, though it is not nearly as addictive as pharmaceuticals or opium. Some have had great effect using this plant for conditions from depression to anxiety with good effects.

Because of this effects, kratom has become very popular and is regarded as highly safe in comparison to alternatives.

Kratom for Pain Relief – My Story

best kratom strain for pain

I wanted to share something today about my personal history with kratom. Kratom is a plant that I hold very close to my heart, in my pocket :). A bit ago, I dealt with a lot of pain and I tried almost everything from ibuprofen to tylenol to oxycodone. The ibuprofen and tylenol couldn’t hold a candle to the pain, and the oxycodone got me physically, not as much mentally, addicted very quickly.

I don’t know if you guys have ever experienced being addicted to something, or HAVING to have something or else you feel absolutely horrible, but it is not fun. Your entire well-being is based upon your doctor, your pharmacy and your health insurance. This dependency was one of the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced, as I’m someone who values self-reliance above almost anything else.

If you’re looking for a specific guide on using kratom for pain relief, go to this article, as below is almost all a personal story.

How I Found Kratom

So in the middle of this addiction, I was layed off from my job at the time (self-employed now luckily) and my health insurance was dropped. There was no way in hell that I was going to pay such an excessive amount of money to get a medication that I didn’t even want to be on. The next day was awful, I was in the middle of bad withdrawals, I couldn’t sleep that night at all, I was sweating, shaking, puking, and other things I doubt would be too pleasant to discuss.

About this time, a good friend called me and I told him my situation, and he told me his son used a plant called kratom to get off of the bad substances he was once addicted to. At this time I did some research for about an hour and had 4 ounces over night shipped to my house in the hopes that it would help.

The Package Arrives

So this 4 ounce package arrives mid day the next day, luckily the vendor was on his game and got the package delivered almost immediately. I summon the strength to walk to the door and pick up the package, and I got this greenish brownish powder, with no idea how to use it or ingest it, so I decided to make tea. I wasn’t sure how much to take, but I remembered somebody saying they used 5 grams, so I took 6 and made a tea out of it.

Despite the difficulty with the taste and my excessive vomiting, I managed to get it all down including the remaining powder. Ten minutes later I could have cried I was so happy, despite the effects not having fully even kicked in. For the first time in months I felt like myself again, without the crutch of opiates and without the withdrawal symptoms of minutes before.

The rest of that day I was happier than I had been in months, and it wasn’t due to me being “high”, I just felt normal again. It gave me the pain relief that I needed without dulling my mind, I actually felt deep emotions like beauty and nostalgia, emotions that I had lost in my opiate haze.

Since that day, I have been using kratom for pain with great effects and I don’t have to worry about the emotion dulling effects or the severe dependency that I dealt with prior. Anyone who is in pain I feel should give this astonishing plant a try, you won’t regret it.

Kratom Tolerance Mechanisms

kratom toleranceFor anyone looking to get the most out of their kratom, both medicinally and cost-wise, it is a good idea to try to keep tolerance as low as possible. This will make kratom much more potent and help increase the effects over time. I’ve been doing some research on kratom tolerance and I’ve found a few ways to keep it low.

One of the best ways to keep your kratom tolerance low is to take different strains regularly. There are a few reasons that this can be helpful, but the main reason is because the alkaloid content of each different type of kratom is different. Because tolerance occurs when blood-brain levels of specific alkaloids stay too sustained for too long, the body responds by increasing density of the receptors the specific alkaloids effect.

When you decide to rotate strains, you are not allowing the alkaloid levels to remain stable or high enough to develop a full tolerance, although some tolerance will still develop. The best way to do this is to make sure that strains on different days and doses are as different as possible. Over time, this can reduce kratom tolerance and will let one feel the unique differences between different strains in a much more pronounced way.

Something else that I have heard is good for tolerance is magnesium. This is a supplement commonly used to treat reduce opiate tolerance, and as kratom acts upon the same receptors, and tolerance is regulated by NMDA receptors, magnesium can keep the brain from developing tolerance. The combination of these two techniques can dramatically reduce kratom tolerance long-term.

Although I’m sure there are a variety of other ways to reduce tolerance, there currently seem to be the most effective and safe for long-term reduction.

High Quality Kratom Vendors

buying kratom

So my current favorite low-quantity kratom vendor is down, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions? I’ve been looking online and I definitely have a few good sources for bulk kratom, but right now I’m looking for some high-quality, pricier if it has to be, vendors.

I’ve tried a few vendors, at the moment my current small-scale vendor is mmmspeciosa, but I’ve bought from EnsoBotanicals too and they are pretty damn good too. I’ve been looking at the leaping leaf but I’m not sure about them as I haven’t seen to many quality reviews.

It would be good to find a new, relatively less known and top-shelf kratom vendor, but specifically I want to find a new high quality thai kratom strain, similar to “Old School Thai” from a year back, which was definitely reminiscent of the 2010-2011 era of super potent kratom.

The main reason I like this Thai is because of my demanding job (I use it as a caffeine substitute) and when dosed properly, a good thai can kick my butt up and down. I might sweat a lot, but I can get so much more work done.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say about vendors, feel free to email me or post a comment.

My Introduction

crushed kratomWelcome! This is the first blog that I’ve owned, and I don’t intend it to be a personal blog like many others — instead, this website is going to be primarily about the kratom industry and other aspects of the mitragyna speciosa plant. As both a former CEO in this field, and a prior pain patient who switched to this plant, I certainly have a passion for this topic. Hopefully, all of you who are visiting this website will enjoy and appreciate the content available. Thank you!